Stylist in the making…

This blog has been in the making for the past 3 years, so I ask myself ‘where do I begin?’…I guess I’ll begin at the beginning…
I got my first real taste for fashion at around age 4 when I customised my best friend’s school jumper with a pair of scissors and gave him a lego haircut to match…
My first real taste of working in fashion came much later, when a few years ago I was made Fashion and Beauty Director at Fusion@London, a new start up fashion events company, (now known as Fashion Strikes) the final fashion, music and dance spectacle for which I sourced designers, styled, dressed and showcased at The Troxy last year!
Here are some photos of me hard at work…

Stylist for Ramil Makinano
Styling Ramil Makinano’s fabulous ethnic designs. I adore his use of colour and bold structured designs.
Hat by Siggi Hats.
Stylist for the official milliner of Royal Ascot hats- Siggi Hats
Stylist in the making…

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